What Are the Signs That Your Carpet Has Mold?

You’re not sure, but the carpet smells funny. It’s a little off somehow. But you can’t quite tell what the problem might be. It might very well be mold. Think back, has the carpet been flooded recently? Did you spill a large amount of water on it at some point? Maybe you recently had it cleaned but the carpet cleaning services didn’t extract all of the moisture out of it and you noticed that it took days for the carpeting to dry completely.

All of these things can have a devastating effect on your carpet as even a small amount of moisture that is allowed to remain in or under a carpet for an extended length of time can produce a rather surprising amount of mold and mildew.

Living with any level of mold in the home can be detrimental to the health of you and your family and, if it gets bad enough, your ability to even live in the dwelling can become significantly compromised. Breathing the spores from mold into your lungs can have a negative impact on your health and safety.

That’s why it is so important that you get rid of carpet mold before it becomes a growing problem. We are going to help you determine whether or not you have mold so you act quickly to remove it and prevent it from returning.

But you first need to know what the signs of mold are in your carpet. Unless you can tell you have a problem, you can’t fix it. So here are some of the tell-tale signs you should be aware of that are clear indications your carpet has mold.

Musty Aroma

Mold and mildew have a very distinct odor. You can tell immediately there is a presence of it when you can detect that smell. It can be strong and overwhelming even with small amounts of mold in the carpet. Where exactly the mold is located can be tough to determine even with the heavy aroma.

So, you need to check the carpeting, under the carpeting, and on or under any padding you might have laid down beneath it. But be careful with musty odors, live with them long enough and you can start to get used to it and fail to even smell it anymore.

Excess Moisture

As we mentioned up top, moisture becoming trapped in or on the carpet for any extended length of time could result in the growth of mold. So, if your home has been recently flooded or the room with the carpeting in question sees elevated levels of humidity, your carpet could be developing some mold.

Moisture can also get into the carpet after a professional carpet cleaner has come in and performed some work cleaning it. The technician may have failed to extract all of the water from the carpet during the cleaning process and allowing it to remain inside of it could have led to the growth of mold.

If it is a moisture issue, lifting up the carpet and the padding beneath can be informative as to how much is trapped under there. You may find moisture when you look or it may no longer be there, only mold remaining.

Allergic Reactions

When you have mold in your home, you are inhaling the tiny spores that come from it. Breathing those in can cause all kinds of health problems that make it tough to breathe or cause allergic responses. Asthma, bronchial issues, and allergies can all be symptoms of living with mold. So, if you or other members of your family are having some respiratory issues, it could be mold that’s responsible. If there is carpeting in rooms where you and your family spend a lot of time, the mold could be located in that carpet.

Discolored Carpeting

Sometimes the easiest way to tell if your carpet has mold is by checking to see if the color has changed significantly. Mold growth appears as green or black spots in various sizes and shapes. If you can see these spots in and under the fibers of your carpeting, you have a serious mold problem. What’s even worse, if you are seeing these black or green spots on the top surface of the carpet, chances are you’re going to find even more of it underneath the carpet’s backing material.

If your mold problem is that bad, you may no longer be able to clean the carpet and it’s likely time for all of it to be torn up and thrown away.

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