5 Reasons Why Replacing Windows Is A Good Investment

Replacing your windows is one of the best investments you can make for revitalizing your home. If you choose the right windows, you can increase your home’s value while paying less in energy costs and safeguard your belongings in the process. Fayetteville windows can provide your home with that makeover you’ve been dreaming of all this time and spend less than you might with a complete renovation of the exterior.

So, what makes new windows such a good investment? There are five factors you need to consider as you make your decision to incur the costs associated with this type of home improvement project.

1. Reduction in Energy Costs

How does paying less in utility costs sound? Pretty great, huh? Well you can be the recipient of these savings after putting in new replacement windows. So, what makes this investment such a smart idea when it comes to lowering your energy costs? It’s due to a greater efficiency that can only be found in replacement windows.

Think about it, your current windows have probably been in your home for years, perhaps even decades. How far do you think window technology has evolved since then? You can bet today’s windows are much more advanced than the days when your current windows were designed and manufactured. Today’s windows have many new features such as multiple window panes and inert gases for better insulation, both of which are ideal for keeping heat from getting in or out through your windows.

Your old windows may also be less functional than they used to be. Perhaps they don’t open or close as tightly or completely as they once did. Guess what, air is seeping through those tiny cracks and gaps that you can’t see but they do exist. As a result, your climate-controlled air is getting outside which is forcing you to run your HVAC system for longer than you normally might and that is costing you a lot more money.

But with the increased energy efficiency of new windows, you can end up saving as much as 15% on your heating and cooling costs on an annual basis.

2. Keep the Outdoors Outside

Replacement windows are probably built better than your current, older windows. This keeps the rain and snow from seeping in and causing water damage. Remember those cracks and gaps we mentioned up above? There’s more than just air passing through, the inclement weather is also dripping in through those access points and while you may not be finding pools of water on the floor, there may be an increase in water pooling up behind the walls.

If enough of it gets in there, you can start to find discoloration spots and soft drywall. This type of damage can get pretty expensive to clean up and repair. By comparison, these costs are exponentially more expensive than the price of window replacement. So, investing in better windows now can also save you potentially thousands of dollars later on.

3. Higher Resale Value

Any home improvement project should yield some type of return on investment and many homeowners will decide to put one project ahead of another on their list of priorities with that return on investment in mind. So, if you are eager to raise the resale value of your home, window replacement is one of the best options you can choose. Don’t take out word for it either, consider what many of the top Realtor organizations are saying about this type of investment and what you can expect to see back on it when you do resell. Their studies have shown that you could see up to a 93% return at the time of resale. That’s a pretty fantastic return on an investment that is also bringing you savings in other areas.

4. Protect the Interior of The Home

If your home gets direct sunlight through the windows, you’ve probably noticed some of your belongings and interior starting to look faded and sun-bleached. That’s due to the intensity of the sun’s UV rays. Good news, replacement windows can reduce the impacts of UV light with filters and other features that your current windows probably don’t have.

5. Better Security

Installing replacement windows in your home can also increase the security of the property. Today’s windows are tougher to jimmy open and you have options for additional features that can make them tougher to shatter as well. Replacement windows are a great investment into the safety and security of you and your family. Not to mention all of your personal belongings.

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