The Many Benefits of Darker Color Carpet

Carpet cleaning. We all have to do it, right? But what if you don’t want to clean your carpet as often as most homeowners. One way to get away with that is by going with a darker carpet. Now we’re not suggesting that you neglect your carpeting for months or years. That could pose some hazards to the aesthetic of your carpet material and even your own health.

But let’s face it, we live busy lifestyles and sometimes home chores and errands can fall by the wayside. That’s perfectly natural and so maybe you don’t get to the routine maintenance of your carpet with the regularity you would prefer. Maybe vacuuming once, a week (highly recommended for preserving the lifespan of the material) turns into every two weeks.

Hiding Pesky Dirt and Stains

You can get away with that on a darker carpet. Would you call this a “benefit” per se? Some of you might like having that extra time and, for some of you, this may be an advantage.

That’s because a darker carpet is much better at hiding dirt, grime, and stains that can ruin the looks of your material. Now don’t go and think that dark carpet won’t get dirty, you can bet that it will. But putting in a darker color will conceal any mistakes or accidents a lot better. Stains are a lot tougher to see in dark fibers.

Reduced Effects of High Foot Traffic

When more feet walk over your carpeting, it’s going to start to look like all those people have walked over the material. Similar to the benefit of taking a week or two off from vacuuming it, a darker color carpet can hide the impacts of heavy foot traffic a lot better than lighter colored carpets.

With a brighter color carpet, the little imperfections and impurities can begin to show, that means your carpet will start to display the effects of wear and tear much sooner than a darker carpet would.

High Levels of Foot Traffic

The more people walk over your carpet, the quicker it can get dirty and dented. That’s why smart carpet selection relies on knowing how much foot traffic goes across it on a daily basis. Much like with the concealment of dirt and stains, dark carpet can also give you a break on the maintenance routines.

The reason being that carpet fibers can start to appear worn out and dirty when they are stepped on with so much frequency. Darker carpets are much better at hiding these signs of wear and tear, lighter carpets don’t do this so well.

But, as we covered above, you don’t want to let the carpet do all the work of hiding dirt, grime, and trampled fibers, you must have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Homes with higher than normal levels of foot traffic should have the experts in every 6 to 9 months.

Not only is it ideal for the health and well-being of the carpet material but it’s also going to help preserve the health and well-being of you and your family. Not to mention that failing to have the carpets professionally cleaned on an annual basis can (and probably will) void your carpet warranty. That could very likely result in more money coming out of your pocket should something happen to the carpet since the warranty will no longer be covering your costs.

Visual Appeal

Besides the relaxed maintenance benefits, many homeowners go with darker color carpet for its visual appeal. Colors have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of any room. Going with darker colors can give that room a dramatic appearance, a contrast, and even shape the perceived size to the naked eye.

You do need to be mindful when using darker colors for carpet. Be particularly careful about lighting. If the room gets a lot of natural light, then you should be able to avoid making the room look like a deep, dark cave. Dark colored carpets can make the room appear darker, for some rooms this is ideal and for others, maybe not so ideal. But with plenty of light coming in from the windows, you can glean a lot of benefits from your dark carpet.

Be mindful of that sunlight bleaching the color of your carpet. UV rays can be harmful to the appearance of your carpet fibers. Otherwise, you could permanently damage the look of your carpet and that dark color can start to appear dull, faded and eventually become very ugly.

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