Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends In 2020

Sometimes the trick isn’t to refinish cabinets but to replace them. The new trends are here and while one should never follow a trend when it comes to outfitting the kitchen, some trends become classics before too long. Besides, it doesn’t even matter if a certain look or style is trendy, if you like it, that’s all that matters.

With so many great new cabinet styles out there, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with an old and outdated set of kitchen cabinets. Kitchens are getting more bold and beautiful, homeowners are taking bigger chances with their aesthetics. Now is not the time to stay bored. Even with cabinet refinishing placentia, your kitchen might be in dire need of some new inspiration and creativity.

These top kitchen trends are some of the hottest for 2020 and for homeowners looking for something unique to make their homes remarkable, consider some of these ideas:

Open Shelves

As kitchens become smaller and tougher to provide storage for everything necessary to a fully equipped kitchen, open shelves are the new thing. These shelves can either supplement or replace the traditional cabinets with hinged doors. Homeowners are more willing to display their utensils and dinnerware sets along shelves and racks.

A minimalist aesthetic has been growing in popularity for the last year or two and that trend is likely to continue as homeowners are eager to downsize and choose only the essentials for their living spaces. These shelves and rack systems are found inside industrial kitchens and restaurants, both of which are being made popular on reality TV shows and Food Network. Consumers see these kitchens on TV, they want the same functionality and style for their own homes.

Slab Cabinets

Known for their sleek and modern aesthetic, slab kitchen cabinets are something different. What makes them stand out is what they lack. You’re getting a cabinet that has no frame, no hardware, and no frills to speak of. Yet they are extremely luxurious and outfitted with a gloss finish that will make anyone stop and notice when they walk into your kitchen.

Slab cabinetry is the last word in modern cabinets that combine form and function into a storage trend that is timeless. These are also best-suited for kitchens that have a premium on wall space.

The Color Blue

Many homeowners have taken the bold step of covering their cabinets in a bright and brilliant color that can match or complement the interior design scheme of the kitchen. This is where the color blue comes in. It works well with a range of other colors and brings about a contrast with neutral color options such as white or beige.

Blue cabinets make any kitchen feel more fun and casual and isn’t that how a kitchen is supposed to feel after all? Not every one can get away with blue cabinets in their kitchen, you need to have an overall architectural aesthetic that skews towards the contemporary or modern.

Just be careful about what kind of blue you decide to install in your kitchen. You don’t want to go with a royal blue or primary blue or even a faint shade of periwinkle. Most of the blue cabinets you see in other homes is actually a navy blue that has been mixed with some gray.

Open Frame Cabinets

This is a trend that’s been popular for the last five years. Open frame cabinets give the kitchen a slightly more wide open feel because there are glass panels along the front surfaces of the cabinet doors, allowing you to see what’s been placed on the shelves inside.

These cabinets are a great choice for showing off your favorite dinnerware or glassware sets and more homeowners have been turning to open frame cabinets because they go well in just about any architectural style home from traditional to contemporary. You have a range of glass panel options to choose from so your cabinets look exactly how you want them to look.

Two Toned Cabinets

Back to adding a splash of color to the kitchen, you can go with a two-tone option in which a lighter or neutral color is paired with a darker color for a stark contrast throughout the kitchen. Although the rule of thumb indicates that your top shelf of cabinets are lighter or even white and the lower shelving has a dark color along the outside, you can choose to flip this idea around and swap their positions.

Just be careful that your darker color isn’t TOO dark, otherwise placing that color along the top row of cabinets, near the ceiling, can make your room look shorter than it really may be.

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