Should You Paint or Replace Your Siding?

Siding. Do you paint it or do you replace it? That’s a good question, one that homeowners are asking themselves out loud as they stand in the backyard less than impressed by the state of their home’s exterior.

The siding has started to look dull, faded, and it’s making your beautiful home appear rundown and tepid. That’s no good and it’s time to come up with an answer to that oft-asked question as to how you should revitalize the appearance of your siding.

You have two options; you can repaint your old siding or you can replace it. Of course, there are a many different factor to consider as to which of these options is best for your particular situation. With the multitude of siding options on the market, the type you have installed on the outside of your home may help make the decision for you.

So, let’s consider the upside to painting your siding and the advantages to replacing it instead to see which of these choices makes the most sense for you.

Painting Your Siding

Painting anything can give it a whole new lease on life. Whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, an old shed, your pet’s doghouse, or the siding on your home, a new coat of paint is an ideal way of giving that dull, faded exterior a brand-new look and feel.

But when it comes to your old siding, a new paint job can be transformative but it can also be time-consuming to apply. This is especially true for larger homes. Your siding takes up the entire exterior of the dwelling and, depending on your home’s square footage, the job of painting can be a lengthy one.

The task of painting your siding can also be pricey and it’s probably something you don’t want to attempt to accomplish on your own. But while the cost of repainting your siding can be expensive, it will likely be less costly when compared to the expense of replacing your old siding entirely.

So yes, it will be more expensive to put up brand new vinyl siding as opposed to painting it, however, the money you spend now could lead to you paying more money not too far down the line. That’s because some types of siding don’t take to repainting as well as some others and the condition of the siding may lead you to replacing it in two to three years anyway. So, you may as well do it now.

The price to have your siding painted could be as low as $89 to as high as $250 for every 300 square feet. If you live in a larger home those costs can really start to balloon. Yet if you compare the costs of painting against replacement of your siding, you could be paying over 50% less.

That’s something to consider heavily if you are trying to make the best choice for your home. You can still save even more cash if you paint the siding yourself, but you will end up paying even more than you expected should you screw up and the work looks like an amateur attempted to complete it. Think practically about your level of skill in this regard and then think twice as to whether you should do the work yourself or leave it to the experts.

Replacing Your Siding

Now that you know it’s cheaper to paint your siding, you may have already made your decision and think reading further is a waste of time. Well, stick around we have some more insight for you. Painting your siding is a good choice but replacement could actually end up saving you more money down the line.

That’s because new vinyl siding, the really high-quality stuff, can last for extremely long time. The new vinyl materials that are being used to create siding keep their appearance longer as the colors are designed to last even under the harshest weather conditions. Today’s exterior paints are applied using a process that covers every inch of the siding in high quality paint so that it’s more resistant to the sun’s UV rays, wind, rain, snow and anything else Mother Nature throws at it.

Even better, vinyl siding requires very little in the way of routine maintenance, unlike other types of siding on the market today.

Do you still have some questions? Come visit us at for more information about painting or replacing your home’s siding and the ways you can make your home’s exterior look brand new.

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