Water loss inside of a pool doesn’t always mean that there is a leak. Water loss commonly occurs through the evaporation process but you can lessen the impact of evaporation and other forms of water loss with your pool. Here are some top tips on how you can minimize the chance for leaks and water loss with your pool.

Keeping Your Pool Cool

Warm water will evaporate much faster than cool water and this means that if you’re regularly running your heater, it is wiser to turn it off altogether and find a comfortable temperature that you can swing without risking ongoing evaporation.

Keep Accessories Simple

Expanding the surface area of your water with fountains, extra pumps and other accessories will lead to added evaporation. Removing some of these features and keeping accessories at a minimum will help to keep more water inside your pool.

Cover Your Pool Whenever Possible

The best way to reduce evaporation permanently is by regularly covering your pool. This will conserve energy and prevent UV radiation from evaporating extra water inside the pool. It also works to keep your pool cleaner by preventing debris from building up.

Keep Your Pets Out

Letting your dog swim in your pool can be a great way to cool them down but it’s likely that the family pet is going to carry a lot of water out with them every time they leave the pool.

Detect Leaks Early

If you notice that your pool is dropping by over a quarter inch of water every day, inspect for signs of leaks. The most common areas for leaks are often around pipes, skimmers and equipment that could be plugged into your pool.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are interested in preventing leaks and water loss with your pool.

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