Metal meter boxes are very popular these days due to their amazing strength and other features. They are mostly made up of good quality steel which is further coated with zinc to add some value to its strength. You will find them much better in durability and other features if you compare them with plastic meter boxes. Plastic meter boxes cannot bear the harsher conditions that metal meter boxes can do without any problem. Metal meter boxes are safe to use and highly recommended. There are different sizes and types of metal meter boxes. You can choose from a long list.

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There are three different types of metal boxes as mentioned below:

  • Full recessed or mounted flush on the wall meter box
  • Part-recessed meter box
  • Mounted on the surface meter box

Fully recessed or flush-mounted meter box

This is made up of special types of steel which are coated with zinc metal for improved quality to fight against harsher conditions. This is strong enough to protect the meter for a pretty long time. In this type of meter box, the R3 meter box is very famous and easily available in the market. The meters in different states and countries have different styles and designs. Due to this, the meter box is available in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. You can choose any from these three sizes which best fits your meter. Find out more about the different types of meter box available on the market today when it is time to buy your next Metal Meter Box. Visit a site like Meterbox for additional help and advice.

Semi-recessed meter box:

This one is a little bit different features compared to the above-mentioned meter. However, some features such as durability and strength are the same for both. R5 metal meter box is most famous in this class of meters. It is also made up of high-quality steel which is further coated with zinc. Zinc has many useful characteristics that enforces the companies to coat the steel with zinc for making high-quality metal meter boxes. You can find the small, medium, and larger metal meter box.

Surface-mounted meter box:

Surface-mounted metal meter boxes include R6 and R16. Speaking about the quality, both are fantastic and outstanding because zinc-coated high-quality steel is used in manufacturing both these meters. Due to the coating of zinc, meters are very tough and can bear the harsher conditions without any serious damage. R6 is available in only medium size while R16 is a larger-sized metal meter box.