If you’re looking to start an excavator work business, a mini-excavator can do wonders for you. You can turn your mini-excavator into a profitable stream of income. And the good news is that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

There’s a number of ways you can make money with a mini-excavator. You can undertake small demolition jobs, snow removal jobs, doing hot tub/pool excavation, help companies load/unload material, or you can even rent an excavator out to customers directly.

So, in this article I’m going to show you these ways in detail:

Demolition Jobs

A lot of homeowners are looking to undertake small demolition jobs, but they don’t want big machines around their homes. That’s where a hiring a mini-excavator comes in handy. Due to its dexterity, it can easily fit in tight spaces and the backyard of a house. So, you can do small demo jobs like garages, decks, sheds, and fences in your vicinity.

Your neighbors will be willing to save money by hiring you with a mini-excavator rather than calling in a construction or demolition company. So, post ads on directory sites and make yourself available. Advertise on business and social media platforms. Take good pictures of yourself and let people notice that you’re available. Set appropriate hourly rates and you can easily earn revenue.

Snow removal jobs

One of the worst parts about winters for homeowners is snow on the driveways and walkways. That’s where you can jump in with a mini-excavator to drive them out of this nuisance. You can not only solve their problems and can also charge upwards of $50 for this quick cleanup. When you start this job for one house, the neighboring houses will notice and they’ll also be ready to pay you for such a handy service. The homeowners will love your work and will recommend their neighbors and you can very quickly rack up a whole lot of profit.

Installation of pools and hot tubs

With mini-excavator you can also offer people to dig holes out for their pools and hot tubs. A mini-excavator can easily fit in the backyards and with little knowledge, you can let people have their dream come true. Just set a minimum per hour rate. But don’t forget to survey your operating area to see what your competitors are offering. You can also charge a delivery fee to get the excavator from where it currently is to the job site.

Do loading and unloading job

Your compact excavator is ideal for loading and unloading heavy items from trucks. They can help to pick pavers, lumber, and retaining wall blocks for companies or homeowners. With a precise grasp of a mini-excavator, you pick and sort materials easily.

Summing it all up

Your mini-excavator is not just a digging machine. It is a valuable tool that you can use to generate new revenue sources. The compact size combo with versatility and proven performance has taken it beyond its traditional role. The jobs that I’ve mentioned above are simple yet profitable for your new business.


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