A track saw will give you much more versatility in different types of cuts. Any type of cut you can do on a table saw you can also do on a track saw. A table saw’s maximum 10” blade can cut about 9 cm deep. Whereas on a track saw you can cut a board of any width. Table saws and track saws have their uses in different scenarios. The table saw is amazing for re-cuts, precise re-cuts. Anything less than 500mm wide you can set up the saw and you can get it through very easily. It works really fast as you can do it with tracks. Even if you have MFT and flag stops and different things to get the width of the board or the seat.

Track Saw Comparisons:

Here we have track saw comparisons with the table saw, you can easily compare both of them.

Track Saw Vs. Table Saw: 

In terms of cut quality, there is no difference between the two. The important thing with a table saw is that once it is set up. You can run repeat cuts through it really quickly. Whereas track saws have a slightly longer setup time. But the things that a track saw can do, a table saw can’t do at all. As long as we straighten the track, the cut will be a hundred percent straight. Cutting thin stock is a bit difficult on track saws. While thin cuts on the table are a little easier. We can also use a push stick to push the piece through the table saw for safety purposes. A track saw is safer to use than a table saw. Any potential for fatal injury from tracks or blades is contained within the unit. A table saw relies on two things for its excellence, you need a good table and a good fence.

Track Saw Vs. Circular Saw: 

A track saw is just a way to cut a straight line as a table saw. However, with a table saw you are bringing the wood to the saw but with a track saw you are moving the saw to the wood. This is especially useful if you are working with large materials such as sheet goods or large tabletops. With a track saw you simply lay the track on a piece of wood and set the saw on the track. Just follow this track, and cut a perfectly straight line. We can make homemade tracks for circular saws. To make this, we can use a half-inch piece of MDF and glue together a small strip of MDF on it. You just set your saw on the top and cut off the edge which gives you a perfectly straight line, that you can use it works just like a track on a track saw.

The track saw rides on this rail on the track and this prevents it from moving left or right. It runs straight and true every time. The track saw also has a dust port so you can attach a dust collector to collect the dust. This significantly reduces the amount of dust you have when cutting. Track saw tracks have sticky rubber on the bottom of the track to prevent them from slipping as much. It really helps to move the track from one cut to another quickly without having to mess with the clamps.