Moving is actually a big deal. We are not like phone numbers in our phone log or photos on a social media account. We have spaces that we call home, places that keep our laughter, tears, and secrets. We simply love to open our doors to eat, celebrate, and dance with people we loved a lot.”

Every step that we take is a symbolic representation of ourselves and the changes we experience in our lives. Sharing these moments and moves with people closer to us in a card is such a beautiful and thoughtful tradition. These cards are just well thought out and designed better than any other form of communication.

When we decide to send a new address announcement to people who are important in our life, there is no specific list of people exists. Everyone has his/her own priorities to inform people about their moving. Still for people who are not quite sure about their list here are few similar groups that most people usually inform about their new address:

  • Family members and relatives:

Family always comes on top of the list. It is not about the blood relatives who are real family members only, but this list also includes those you consider part of your family. It depends upon your family dynamics that you want to invite. From parents, siblings, grandparents, to uncles, aunts, and cousins, everyone is included in this list. To add a more personal touch, it is good to ask for printing your family picture on we have moved cards.

  • Best friends:

Informing your best and close friends about your moving means “it’s time to celebrate the big news.” Updating your friends about your new address can help you remain connected with your buddies. You may also expect a surprise visit from your friends just after moving to your new home because they would have a perfect excuse for a get-together.

  • Co-workers and neighbors:

After deciding about family and friends, it’s time to start thinking about your colleagues, office staff, neighbors, and people you are friendly with. If you like to stay in touch with them after you’re also moving, then include them on your moving announcement list.

  • People who care for you:

We make so many relations in our lives that have no particular relation tag. A florist just sits in the corner of my home street, a violinist who always passes a smile to me, or an owner of the departmental store from where I was making grocery for the last ten years. Maybe we do not consider them in our friend’s list, but it is good to inform them about your move. Of course they will not attend our new home party or even not going to make a single call to me, but maybe our new address card will make them feel special for once in their life.

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