When it comes to fixing minor leaks and plumbing problems at your home, you should try to manoeuvre a few simple DIY methods! Yes, it is easy to get access to all kinds of professionals using online portals. However, in some situations, you can sort out major leaks and gutter clogs with the help of some simple DIY home gutter leak fixes. Most of these methods require minimal usage of tools and plumbing skills. Let us discover more about these leak fixes at home!

Must-Try DIY Methods To Fix Leaky Gutters

Get rid of leaky gutters and overflowing drains in a few easy steps. Follow and adopt any of the given DIY methods to repair your drainpipes.

Change Fixtures

Fixtures are likely to catch dirt particles, hair and other filthy materials that damage the grip and cause leaks. You should change the fixtures every 10-12 months.

Use Cleaning Agents

Strong cleaning agents and bleach powders can also be used to unclog drains and avoid leaks. In this case, you must use the best quality powder, make a thick paste and leave it overnight. Pour flowing water on the gutter to wash away the dirt and filth.

Apply Roofing Cement

Roofing cement is also another panache from the list of DIY home gutter leak fixes. All you have to do is kneed the cement well to create and smooth and oily texture of the cement. Apply it on the portions that are causing the leak.

Replace Downspouts

You can also make an easy fix by replacing the downspout. Buy the best-quality downspout and replace the old one to create a smooth flow of water without any clogs.

Substitute Gaskets

Gaskets can often be one of the reasons behind drain leaks and clogs. Inspect the drain lines carefully to ensure you figure out the cause of the leak carefully!

Reassemble & Apply Silicone

You can try to reassemble and arrange the gaskets carefully before applying silicone on the rim and ends. This method is easy and convenient to follow.

Look after Proper Maintenance

Apart from using DIY home gutter leak fixes, you must ensure timely maintenance of the drainpipes.

Leaky gutters not only create a mess but also lead to a lot of waste wastage. You should try any of these suitable methods to get the situation under control. All these methods do not require too many plumbing techniques or actions! You can give it your best shot!