A balanced living space that matches your tastes and gives you a sense of belonging is the greatest pleasure. However, when building a home from scratch, interior design is a subject that you will definitely need some knowledge of. What sofa or couch to add & where, what colours would give the feeling of warmth, which patterns will liven up the space or which wall colour and wood colour for the furniture will look best are all questions you will find yourself asking. 

And while these components of the house can be selected at random, and they would do their job just fine, when selected with a vision in mind, these very components will create a personal space that will instantly ease your stress as soon as you enter it. 

Here are 5 tips by interior designer in Hyderabad that you must know to be able to decorate your house in the most aesthetic way possible:

  • Play with lights

Humans are complex creatures with complex and fluctuating emotions and moods. This element of us can be incorporated into our living spaces with the right use of lights. Add a warm lamp at the side table in the bedroom for a serene environment, a string of fairy lights or bright coloured lights for when you’re in the mood for some fun and an ample amount of white lights for regular use. 

  • Plants are important

To add a bit of freshness, to liven up the space and to add a pop of colour, adding plants is imperative. If you’re someone who has trouble keeping plants alive, you can opt for succulents that need very little care or even fake plants. Make sure to choose suitable containers and pots that go well with your interior and furniture. Tall plants in the living area and tinier ones all over the place- is a mantra that the best interior designer in Hyderabad uses. 

  • Mix and repeat patterns 

The myth about patterns is that they should never be mixed or overlapped. However, any good interior designer in Hyderabad will tell you that patterns can and should be combined as long as the scale, density and colours of elements are kept in mind. For example, a floral print wallpaper and a striped pattern rug can very tastefully be included in the same space. Make sure that if one pattern is crowded, the other pattern should have more negative space. 

  • Make a mood board

The key to building a cohesive living space is a lot of planning in advance, and this is a statement that will be backed by your favourite interior designer in Hyderabad. So first, make a mood board of pictures by the designer you like, the colour palette you want to go for, the mood that you wish your space to have, the paintings you’d like to hang and so on. 

  • Keep it balanced

When designing and decorating a space, you are very excited about, it is effortless to get carried away and add too many elements. Keep yourself from cluttering, and be mindful of the balance between the occupied and the negative space. Too many things will make the space look chaotic and make it appear like one big cluster. Leaving enough breathing room between paintings and furniture will tie everything together perfectly.