Impact wrenches are such versatile power tools that help to complete many different jobs with a quick and easy action that saves time and money. They are ideal for DIY, construction, car repairs and a host of other tasks that require variable torque when fastening and loosening nuts, bolts and screws. They can be operated in both clockwise or anti-clockwise directions and perform with a powerful hammering action when in use. There are many different brands and designs on the market but many of the models fall into the categories of air or cordless impact wrenches. There are features that benefit both but which one should you use?

Using an Air Impact Wrench

This type was the original impact wrench. It usually has a much wider range than the cordless version regarding the powerful torque capabilities that can often be in excess of 1000Nm. Consequently, the tool itself is frequently larger. The main feature is the connection to a powerful air compressor through a flexible hose that can be more than twenty-five feet long to allow for a certain flexibility when working. Such models are usually more economic to purchase as they don’t contain any sophisticated electronics. However, the additional cost of an air compressor has to be considered unless there is already an existing one. The strength of output is directly related to the power going into the tool and can be sustained for a long time unless it fluctuates whenever there is a drop in air pressure.

Using a Cordless Impact Wrench

The popularity of the cordless design is the flexibility it affords when working at a distance from a power source or in awkward spaces. The cordless tool is generally smaller and there is also no danger of becoming entangled with the air pressure hose and tripping over. The torque is governed by the size or strength of the lithium battery pack which can include 12, 18 0r 20 volts and typically produces various outputs of between 480Nm or 680Nm to around 1,000Nm. The main point about a cordless tool is that the battery will require frequent re-charging which can take approximately an hour. When working for long spells it’s often advisable to carry a spare battery for when the power runs out.

Making a Decision

Both impact wrenches will usually include additional features such as forward and reverse action, comfortable, easy to grip handles and an integral LED light to illuminate dark corners. However, an air impact wrench is bulkier but provides a fairly consistent power for longer although it has to be connected to a large compressor. The cordless version is reliant on the battery’s power and re-charging times have to be planned for. The flexibility of the popular cordless impact wrench is a major feature and as a much smaller design, it can easily be carried in a tool bag and be ready for use. Visit Data Power Tools for an impressive choice of impact wrenches.