Hold on! Before you make the final call of purchasing an entry gate for your gorgeous home, take a look at this article for an informed decision. When dealing with experts such as at RS Engineering, you will have numerous options at your disposal, from wooden and fenced gates to electronic gates. Your house entrance is your first line of safety for your family which makes it imperative for it to be sturdy in all situations. While different people have different requirements when it comes to gates, here is the ultimate guide to help you take the right pick. Let’s get started.

Different variety of gates

  1. Wood

This should not come as a shocker. Wood is the most prominent material used to construct entry gates because of its beautiful texture and welcoming feel. Most of your home decor consists of wood so why not opt it for your gates? You can choose from a large variety when it comes to design and style. With proper maintenance, it can last you a lifetime, and it blends well with any kind of knobs and additional designs which makes it an excellent choice for entrance gates.

2.Wrought iron

Moving on to the other most popular option, wrought iron entrance gates give a classic look and are sturdy enough to keep your home safe. It is a dense material which adds an intense feel to your paint, however, with the right paint choices you can make like look more welcoming. You can choose from a variety of patterns to go with your gate to give it a perfect look.


As an eco- friendly option, aluminium gates can be created from recycled aluminium sheet which makes it light yet sturdy for an entrance gate. The best part is that it can be easily painted on without any hassle and such gates offer a long time of service. Aluminium gates are rust-proof and water-proof however, it is not the perfect choice for profoundly changing climatic conditions. You can also take a pick in its thickness for satisfactory results. 


If you are in the mood to experiment, then PVC is the best option for you. Just like PVC panelling in the houses, PVC offers a brilliant non-porous design which can be included in the solid form or various layers over the existing wood gate for a new look. This material provides protection against rust and stands sturdy in changing climates as well. The best part is that you can experiment with accessories to give it an elegant or chic look.

Prominent gate styles for your home

  • Swing gates

Swing gates are the most popular and common types of gates which you can spot almost anywhere. They are easy to operate and offer protection for your home.  They open inward or outward for free passage, and you can choose from the two options -single swing and double swing gates. Single gates are perfect for small passages however, for a big home entrance, double swing gate is the right choice.

  • Sliding gates

If you don’t like the hassle of opening the gate inward or outward, sliding it is the better option for you. As suggested by the experts at RS Engineering, if you are located in an area prone to heavy snowfall, opt for cantilever sliding gates which do not have any wheels. On the other hand, if it’s bright and sunny in your location, wheel sliding gates work well for you.

While choosing the gate material, keep the sturdiness in mind and for the designs and texture, think of your interior decor theme to make the right decision. Choose well.