Are you hooked on YouTube ‘how to’ videos? Then you might assume you can do anything and everything just by following these handy guides. However, there are some jobs that are simply better left to the professionals and window installation is one of them. Don’t fall foul of these five common myths about window installation.

Anyone can install your new windows

Absolutely false. This is a skilled job that really is best left to the professionals, however simple it might look. There are precise requirements that any skilled and professional window fitter only learns through experience. If your windows aren’t properly fitted, they won’t function properly, meaning you won’t benefit from energy savings or improved comfort and warmth.

You can’t change the style of your windows

Wrong, unless you’re in a listed property or you don’t want to change the style of your windows. You can alter the look and colour, have a bay window installed or add some ‘wow’ factor with bifold doors. Nothing is impossible as long as the work is done properly.

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You can’t get your windows replaced in the winter

False again. In fact, winter can be the perfect time to have your windows replaced if it’s done by a qualified fitter. They’ll ensure that no warmth escapes from your home during the installation and you’ll be able to appreciate just how much warmer and more energy efficient your home is with replacement windows and doors or Gloucester Double Glazing fitted by a trusted supplier.

But all windows are the same!

No, they’re not. Not all windows are manufactured to the same standards or using the same technology and when you’re thinking of replacements it’s important you do your homework. Try and buy the best windows you can afford with Energy Savings Trust-approved features that will save you money in the long run.

uPVC windows are maintenance free

They’re low maintenance, not no maintenance. One of the reasons that uPVC windows are so popular is because they’re extremely durable and don’t need constant care like wood frames do. However, it pays to keep the frames properly cleaned with some warm soapy water and a cloth so that they last as long as possible and continue to look as good as the day they were professionally installed.