When you feel it is the right time to replace your old sofa, when it comes to choosing a new one, there are more considerations than simply how it looks. This is a very important investment because it will undoubtedly become the main leisure space for the family to spend time relaxing and kicking back at the end of a long day. So, how do you know you are buying the right place for your residence?

  1. Always try before buying

Just as everyone is different, there are no two sofas in common. The sofa has an average depth of about 60-70 cm in the seating area, which is important for those who have longer legs to stay comfortable and for those who have shorter legs to be able to lift them. Always try the sofa out to make sure you get adequate back support. Seating height is usually around 50cm but there is no right or wrong, just make sure it’s suitable for everyone in the family. If you want to stretch, make sure the width and back of the arm are right for you.

  1. Select a quality frame

For years of comfortable relaxation, be sure to invest in a sofa with a nice frame. Check what type of guarantee is available from the manufacturer or vendor. For sofas like the stunning mid-20th century Florence Knoll Sofa, visit https://www.pash-classics.com/living/sofas/florence-knoll-sofa

  1. Cushions

The material on the inside of the couch is as important as what is outside. If you choose fancy pillows filled with fur, they will feel amazing but require regular buildup and re-formation. Foam and fibre can be evenly distributed over time. Make sure you feel comfortable and have an adequate level of support.

  1. Which cloth?

Depending on your personal style choices or existing decorations, you might want something bright and bold, a graphic or neutral pattern to blend with any decoration. If you put your sofa in front of a window, try to choose synthetic fabrics because natural fabrics tend to fade. For busy families and those who have pets, consider fabrics that are easily cleaned. Maybe you would prefer to choose a loose and easily removable fabric that is easier to wash.

  1. Don’t forget to measure

Make sure to really measure the space where you want to position the sofa. You need to know the maximum size of the sofa so you can make sure it fits and matches the space you want. Don’t forget to measure doors and stairs. The last thing you want is a sofa delivered and you can’t get it into your home! For spaces with limited access, consider a sofa with removable legs or a modular design that can be brought in in stages.

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