Everyone deserves a break once and awhile. Self-care can come in many forms since everyone has their own version of unwinding. You could be reading your favourite book with a cup of tea. You could be roughing it by hiking on a local trail. Indoors, outdoors, daytime or night, doing activities you enjoy is vital in relieving mental and emotional stress.

While it is essential to pay attention to our mental and emotional state, we must never forget our physical state as well. The former issues directly affect your work and your relationships. You might notice that kind of deterioration first, but do not forget that burden can physically manifest. No worries though, because a little tender loving care is the home remedy. Here is a 5-step routine for unwinding at home:

  1. Long showers

When we are caught up in our busy schedules, we neglect to pay attention to the small stuff. Instead of your quick wash up take a long shower. A steam shower can help you relax and unwind while you scrub down. While taking your shower, play your favourite songs and belt out that soulful chorus. Even if you don’t consider yourself a good singer, it is an excellent way to unleash any pent-up frustrations.

If you aren’t stressing over anything, in particular, enjoy your natural train of thought. Everyone talks about the things that they think about in the shower. The oddly profound and inspiring happens when we take the time to think and space to listen.

  1. Body butter and lotion

After your shower, moisturise your body with a body butter or lotion. Not everyone does or enjoys this step, but we need to pay attention to the skin on the rest of our body. There are many options for lotion. Not all are sticky and tacky. If you really can’t get into it, try applying on critical areas like your elbows, around your waist, and legs to start. You can work your way into making it a habit during your DIY spa days.

  1. Facials and masks

You can make your own facial or buy a mask to reintroduce moisture to your face. This step is not limited to any gender. Men can use masks too! It is not limited to any skin type either. If you feel like your skin is too oily, sometimes hydrating helps. If you are not sure, there are different kinds of face masks, ask your local dermatologist for their recommended types.

  1. Massage

You do not need an extra pair of hands for a gentle massage. Lightly work the knots on your shoulders, legs, and any area that experiences strain. You can also massage your face to keep it gentle and firm. If you feel like your movements are too repetitive, look up your problem areas online and follow the guides.

  1. Light snacks and a drink

To cap it all off, treat yourself to a snack and drink.  Select your guilty pleasures: chocolate and wine, chicken and fries, fruit and water—eat what you like.

Feeling good is not just unloading our mental burden. It is about valuing ourselves and taking the extra time to relax when things get too hectic. It is all about the balance.