The lounge or living room is a place for relaxation and family gathering and as such should be comfortable as well as flexible. Living rooms often have multiple uses, such as being a playroom, a place to watch movies, a place to work, game in or even to relax with a snack. Therefore, it needs adaptable lighting.

One way to cover all these different uses is to introduce layers of lighting. Mood lighting could come in the form of wall sconces, small table lamps or picture lights which are great for creating ambience.

Ambient lighting covers the main lighting in a room, such as an overhead light. Set this off with a ceiling rose

Task lighting is a more focused approach on a certain area to provide a purpose, such as a reading lamp.

Having a light for each of these layers will add to the convenience and comfort of your living room.

Another smart option is to install dimmable lights. There are times when you will want bright light, but also times for relaxation when you will prefer a gentler glow from your fittings. Dimmer lights give greater control over the atmosphere of your space, changing it from daytime playroom to adult entertainment space at the flick of a switch.

Colour temperature is an often-overlooked aspect of home lighting. Choosing the right colour for your bulbs can have a significant impact on the ambience. Some LED bulbs can be adjusted to light up in different hues so you can adjust the colour and the brightness.

Lighting is an extremely important aspect of your home’s ambience and comfort but living room lighting is often overlooked. It helps to think of lighting like you would change a bed. Start with the basics such as sheet and pillowcases and then move onto the duvet and finish off with cushions and a throw. It’s about layers and the same applies to your lighting choices.

The key to layering is good distribution. A wide range of lighting can be used for this purpose, such as spotlights, chandeliers, pendants or wall sconces. You can also take into account the levels of natural light entering the room. Then it’s time to consider task lighting, which is important for when the living room is used for other activities such as work, homework or reading, for example.

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An average living room will benefit from at least two layers of lighting. An example would be a main overhead light, such as a ceiling pendant combined with a floor standing lamp or wall sconce for a more ambient atmosphere.

Modern lighting can create stunning focal points, especially for homes blessed with high ceilings which will really benefit from a dramatic light fitting. You can choose lights that are as distinctive as your home.