It’s fun to go out and buy new stuff. However, most people have a hard time throwing things away. If you are constantly purchasing and never purging, then you probably have a problem on your hands. Objects can easily take over an area, then a room, and then the whole house. If the mess in your home is giving you anxiety, then follow these steps to declutter your home and your mind.

Start Small

Finding the motivation to start a big project is sometimes the hardest part. Instead, break it up into smaller projects. Focus on one area at a time. Maybe today you will clean out one closet. Or, try to choose one item to throw away. After one month, this would be around 30 items out of your life. These little steps will begin to make a noticeable difference. Once you see progress, it will be easier to keep going.

Get Help

You’ll need help with large items. If you are clearing out old furniture or heavy equipment from a garage, then it’s good to have another set of hands. Also, consider how to dispose of trash. It is quick and easy to rent dumpsters for junk removal Cincinnati.

Have a friend help you with difficult spaces. It’s natural to develop an emotional attachment to certain objects. If an old t-shirt reminds you of a great vacation, then it could be hard to get rid of. Friends have a more practical response. They can remind you of your goals and keep you on track.

Avoid Roadblocks

Certain items are going to stall your progress. This happens to everyone. Digging out an old box of keepsakes will inevitably lead to an hour-long walk down memory lane. Instead of getting trapped in this tempting situation, put that item aside and keep going. You can revisit it later when you are sitting on the couch watching TV, not while you are in the thick of decluttering.

Keep Track

There will be some clothes, tools and appliances that you are unsure of. It is helpful in these situations to know how often they are used. One handy technique for clothes involves switching the direction of hangers. Start by flipping the hanger direction of every item. As clothes are worn, turn the hanger back to the original direction. After a couple of months, check which hangers are still backward. These are the clothes you should get rid of.

For other objects use a sticky note. If you aren’t sure how often you use that vegetable peeler, then put a sticky note on it. Each time you use it, record the date. If that note remains blank month after month, then toss the peeler.