Outdoor kitchens and eating areas are becoming increasingly popular. From the large and extravagant to the small and inexpensive, outdoor kitchens and eating areas can increase the value of a home. Including the elements of earth, fire, water, and shade can help create a refuge for entertaining and relaxing while still being cozy in the open air.

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Natural materials such as plants, rocks, and other earthen elements can make the area interesting year-round. Flowers, trees, and shrubs change and are fleeting throughout the season, while rock walls and stone patio installation Boca Raton can help anchor the space.

Outdoor carpets in earth tones can help connect the area with nearby stonework, plantings, and mulched bed. Most outdoor carpets are made of easy to clean, quick drying, durable, mildew, and weather resistant fabric. These carpets can help bring the inside outdoors and add more comfort.


The ambiance and smell of aromas created by a wood burning fire can be delightful. Fire can be used year-round and can be small like tabletop fire bowls, part of a wood burning pizza oven, or an extravagant fire pit with built in seating. Particularly on crisp, cool evenings, it can be nice to cozy up the fire of other heat sources such as a fire bowl, chiminea, or outdoor heater and enjoy some good conversation or maybe a good book.


Most people enjoy the soothing sound of a gurgling fountain making water an important element to the outdoor space. Water features can be as simple as a tabletop water fountain or an elaborate, professionally installed bubbling stream on the edge of the patio and everything in between. Consider adding a water feature to the outdoor kitchen area to help create a serene atmosphere.


When natural shade is lacking or completely unavailable, an overhead extension can be helpful. Other ideas include screened porches or overhead structures like gazebos or pergolas. Another structure that provides protection from sun, heat, and rain is a palapa, otherwise known as a thatched roof structure. These structures can provide protection from such and rain, which allows for more opportunities to use the outdoor space.

Outdoor kitchens and eating areas can improve the value of a home while also offering another area to relax and entertain. The elements of earth, fire, water, and shade together can make for a comfortable, cozy, and serene space to enjoy for years to come.