When you have a home full of furniture you love, sometimes it can be hard to choose between functionality and design. While it can be tricky to find a balance of both, there are a few key ways to make your space more versatile without sacrificing either.

1. Choose Multi-Purpose Pieces

The first way to increase your living room’s functionality is to choose multi-purpose pieces. For instance, look for ottomans that have a flat enough surface to double as an impromptu side table while being cushy enough to work as extra seating. Pick sofas with a secret superpower, such as extra storage space or a fold-out bed. To instantly improve the versatility of large furniture such as bookshelves or tables, add heavy duty wheels to make it easy to rearrange the room on a whim, slide over the bookcase as a room divider or push everything aside for a movie night.

2. Set The Stage

The functionality of a space is often dependent on the proper room layout. Take note of other peoples’ homes when you visit them to get room orientation inspiration. Be willing to experiment with your furniture arrangement until you find the most efficient setup. Then, be flexible and ready to change things up when holidays roll around or you find yourself hosting big events.

3. Purge Unnecessary Clutter

The best way to sabotage your perfectly curated space is to fill it with clutter. Old magazines, stacks of papers, tangles of electronic cables and space-hogging knick-knacks are among the most common offenders. Be ruthless in your purging. Take a good, hard look at rooms, cabinets and closets one at a time, parting with under-used belongings to make space for everything else.

4. Make a Space for Everything

The old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” really holds true. Corral blankets, books, games, remotes and the like in dedicated spaces so you’re never left with items lying around. If you find yourself with some items without homes, it might be time to make a run to the store and pick up a few bins or organizational drawers so that no item is left without a proper place.

A flexible, functional space will offer much more enjoyment than a cramped, static one. By paying close attention to furniture choices, arrangement and contents, you can ensure that your living room is clutter-free and ready for whatever the day requires.