You have just brought a brand new TV and unboxed it. You might be wondering what to do next, install your TV on the wall. It may look difficult and complex but it’s very simple to install a Tv on the wall. There are some do’s and don’ts which you have to keep in mind while installing your TV.

Things to avoid

Refrain from installing your TV over the fireplace, or above any of the heat source like a radiator. The wires might get heat up and catch fire. To help you avoid these mistakes here is a complete guide to TV installation in Los Angeles.

Find the studs in the wall

Studs are the boards which act as framing elements in between the walls of your house. These studs run along the floors and ceiling.

Make holes on the wall

After finding the studs in the wall, make holes on the wall where you want to install your TV. The best way to make holes in the wall is by using a powerful drill. It will make holes quickly.

Use the toggles

When you are about to install your TV on the wall you need to use hollow toggles to hold your TV. They will never lead your TV fall of the wall. It is important to use toggles because sometimes people underestimate the strength of the wall and end up with their TV falling on the ground.

Hide all the cords in the wall

A cluster of tangled wire will ruin the look of a nice television. So, use an in-wall power extension cord and hide all the wires inside the wall. But always find longer wires. You can wrap the extra wires or hide them using the cord extension. If you will use short wires your equipment might fell off and get broke.


You will not find the tips mentioned above written in any instruction manual. In Los Angeles, everyone is leading a busy life and everyone will go for a Tv instructor to install their TV. Get the right tools an install your TV on your own in a few hours. So, have patience and save your money.