As the weather starts to get chillier, it’s hard not to think of all the fun upcoming fall activities. Apple picking, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and costume party invitations seem to be popping up with every passing day. This fall season, also consider a weekend getaway. With all of the great activities that this season has to offer, there’s not better time to enjoy the autumn days packed to the brim with cozy sweaters and log cabin decor. Check out the list of ideas below.

Hiking Day

If time and resources are of concern, consider a fall hiking day as a fun way to mix things up. A hike on a cooler day doesn’t require vacation days or the costly investment of travel or hotels. Better yet, there are places in all 50 states where hiking is possible. Check out a list of state parks, since there are some in every part of the country, and decide which area would be best for a cool day with friends or pets.

If hiking is a newer activity, take some time to understand the details for best safety practices. Be selective about trails and locations, make sure proper footwear and attire are prepared, and take a look at a map to understand the chosen route. A hike doesn’t have to be long or intensive, so choose a route that will be best for the desired level of activity.

Cabin Weekend

For those looking to make a bit more of an investment, a cabin getaway is an amazing fall trip idea. A cabin trip can be done with large groups of friends that want to split the cost of a larger space, with a small group or one other close friend or loved one, or even alone (for the most adventurous solo travelers). While fall cabins naturally conjure up images of chillier climates and mountainsides, a cabin getaway is really possible in any part of the country. A ranch or desert getaway can count as a fall adventure, too.


The good news about Oktoberfest is that celebrations take place in every part of the United States. For fall enthusiasts over the age of 21, Oktoberfest celebrations are a great change to enjoy craft beers that the German celebration has to offer. However, these celebrations are often family friendly, too, and offer great food and sweet treats for younger guests. With all of these great ideas, this fall can stack up as the best yet.