Winter is all about wrapping up warm and cosy nights in at home snuggled under a blanket, enjoying a nice warming hot chocolate. Without our heating systems we would be subjected to the elements of the outdoor environment and the freezing temperatures that appear in the winter months.

To help keep our home nice and cosy you should ensure that you have a fully working heating system and there is no better way to achieve this than to have a Tewkesbury Boilers company such as Combi Man come in and give your heating system a thorough checking over once a year as a part of an annual service. The service gives your chosen heating engineer a chance to check over the main elements of your system to look for any obvious signs of damage or issues that may arise in the future as well as ensuring that your system is working as effectively as it can and of course safely. The engineer will also check to make sure that your heating system is safe and that dangerous levels of fumes are not occuring. In some cases the engineer will also check your carbon monoxide detector to ensure that this is working correctly as well which is your first defence against any carbon monoxide leaks that could happen from any of your gas powered appliances.

There are a number of other ways that you can ensure that your home is nice and cosy this winter and these include:

     Sealing any draughts that occur around the seals of your windows and doors and using draught excluders at the bottom of your internal doors if you find that you can feel a breeze from underneath them.

     Using cosy homeware items such as pillows,  blankets and throws also help when you are feeling a little chilly or after a long day in the office when you want to snuggle up with a nice hot chocolate and watch a film.

     Insulation – making sure that you have cavity wall insulation and loft insulation in place will help to reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home. This helps your heating system to be more efficient and can also help reduce your energy bill costs as more of the heat is retained in your home.

     Double glazing – having thicker panes of glass at your windows works in the same way as insulation in that it helps to keep your home nice and warm during the winter months and provides an extra layer of protection against the cold winds and rain.

So this winter grab yourself some nice blankets and book in your boiler service to help keep you nice and cosy through the colder months that lie ahead.