Most people have an image of their dream home in their minds. Maybe it’s a two-story farmhouse in the country or a chic suburban loft just blocks from downtown. Some people might see a cedar screen door and others a stained glass window in their entryway. No matter what your personal taste is, if you’re looking for a lovely outdoor seating area to add to your home, consider adding a porch. There are tons of different porch designs, so one is bound to fit your style and give you a comfortable, breezy outdoor space.

Open porch

This is the most common style of porch that you probably see on most homes. The key feature is the large steps leading up to the front door coupled with an open area. Some people opt to include rocking chairs on their open porches so they can look out at the neighborhood. Others like to add a swing so they can lounge in the crisp spring air. Still others might decide simply to decorate their porch and use it as a beauty statement instead of a common area. The options are endless.

Wraparound porch

These porches can create tons of extra outdoor space as well as be a beautiful statement piece on your home. Wraparound porches are similar to open porches, but they don’t stop at the corners of your home. They encompass your entire house and often include doors from all sides leading out to it. You can decorate your wraparound with tables and chairs, a swing or plants on any side, giving you tons of options and distinct spaces. For example, someone might want to make the front of their home a beautiful space, the side a play area for the kids and the back a dining space with a table and chairs.

Screened porch

This style is more common in areas with all four seasons and lots of bugs. The basic premise is an open porch with screens going from floor to ceiling. This helps to keep out unwanted bugs and pests and can also be a good barrier between blowing fall leaves and your comfort zone.

Covered porch

Finally, there’s the covered porch—great for cold areas. These are usually more like a sunroom; completely enclosed with large glass windows or walls. As the light streams in, it’ll warm the room and make it a fun place to stay warm in the cold months.