An intercom makes it possible to signal the presence of a visitor in a more elaborate way than with a simple bell. Indeed, an intercom allows to discuss but also to open a door remotely. This type of equipment offers very appreciable daily comfort, especially in the event of bad weather or distance to cover.

When it is equipped with a camera, it is a videophone. It offers additional security by also allowing the visitor to be seen.

Choosing the right intercom comes down to taking into account:

Its needs

Do you receive few people, live in a neighborhood where visitors are few, are often at home and do not develop any anxiety to open the door to a stranger? Or, on the contrary, do you live in a very lively neighborhood, where the doorbell rings are linked all day long, you tend to be away for a long time and fear that someone might enter your home without your consent? The choice of an intercom will logically be different according to the needs expressed by these two situations.

Ease of installation

Extremely simple to install, a wireless intercom does not require any special DIY skills, and can therefore be installed quickly without difficulty. On the other hand, a wired intercom may force you to carry out some work for its installation. When possible (construction or renovation work), it is sometimes better to anticipate future intercom needs during the work.

The level of security expected

Often correlated with the options offered and by the type of intercom, the expected level of security is an important criterion in choosing an intercom from. For those for whom a simple verbal verification of the visitor is enough for them, an audio intercom will do the trick. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to verify the visual identity of the person before allowing him to access your home, then a video model will be necessary.

In summary

Choosing an intercom from is not a very complex process to carry out once you have clearly identified your needs and the level of security expected. The choice of Security Solutions options depends on the expected level of comfort. Whatever your choice of intercom, remember to regularly check that it is working properly.