It’s springtime. Time to start that spring cleaning project and, when you do, you may find it a whole lot easier to control pests in your home. We are talking about all the bugs, rodents, even those nocturnal creatures that are more than happy to root through your trash, they are all hungry and they’re going to make your home their favorite restaurant.

So how do you solve this problem? Before you call home pest control birmingham you may be able to prevent those pests from getting inside your home by just taking a few common sense steps that you probably know you should have implemented already, but haven’t had a chance to yet.

Well now is the time. Not only can you take care of the obvious problems that might be plaguing your home both inside and out, but this will also give you the opportunity to place a greater emphasis on shoring up those “trouble areas” w here pests focus their attention most. These are the parts of your home that you may not realize are the primary entryways for all kinds of creepy crawlies and nuisances.

The best defense is prevention and fortunately you have a number of options at your disposal for implementing reliable pest control in and around the home. So how should you go about solving the problem? We have a few ideas that are highly effective at keeping those uninvited guests from coming into your home.

Eliminate Standing Water

This is one of the most important things you will need to do when you get the spring cleaning underway. Standing water is going to bring in everything from mosquitoes to spiders to cockroaches to ants because it’s an ideal breeding ground for some nuisances, others will take the opportunity to follow standing water in pipes and leaky faucets as a way to gain access into the home.

Any evidence of moisture will bring these pests around your home and yard. So, you want to reduce as many attractions that might exist inside and outside the home. As for the latter, your backyard, your porch, deck, balcony, basically any living space surrounding the property that has debris, junk, or even objects that you find some value in, must be emptied of any water that has collected over time.

Receptacles, old plant pots, even discarded tires, and birdbaths, broken toys, etc. can be ground zero for all kinds of pests.

Storing Your Food

Pests are here to feast. They are going to focus on the food you plan to serve to your family. There’s nothing worse than finding your pantry teeming with armies of ants or finding moths and larvae in your bags and boxes. That is why you need to be very careful about how you go about storing your goods so as to prevent anything from slithering, sneaking, or crawling into any of it.

That means taking your food out of the packaging in which they came in. Then, you will place them into air-tight, resealable plastic containers. Think about doing this for everything from grain to flour to seed to rice, even dog and cat food is not immune to pest infestation.

Take Out the Trash

Garbage and litter in your home, particularly your kitchen, can be very attractive to pests. The odor of rotting trash in a can that is overflowing with refuse is unpleasant, but it’s appetizing to a wide range of gross pests who are ready to chow down on your scraps. But it’s just as important for your garbage to be well-managed outdoors as it is indoors.

Mice, cockroaches, ants, these can all sneak into your home and rummage through your trash. But once you haul that tied up bag out to the trash cans or nearby dumpster, it’s the local rats and raccoons that are going to start coming by to pick up a bite or two. So, you need to tidy up indoors and outdoors when it comes to your garbage for the week.

Examine Your Bedrooms

Pests love to hide out in dark places, they like to lay their eggs in areas that remain disturbed. Check in your closets, look under your head, inspect behind dressers and other heavy furniture. So, make your examinations and dust and clean everywhere you can see and, more important, cannot see. We’re talking about spring cleaning, so you want to do all the work necessary for making your home truly clean and organized.