Regardless of whether your house is new or old, you are more likely to hire handyman services at some point. A handyworker is a person who can install a new roof, fix a leaking pipe, repaint your house, or fix the squeaky cabinet door. When hiring a handyman to perform any of these tasks, you must ensure that you hire the right person. You need someone who is more than qualified for the job and can deliver quality results.

However, hiring the best handyman services in Singapore can be quite a daunting task.  A reliable and trustworthy handyman will do your project correctly and finish the job within the agreed timeframe. Here is how to hire a reliable and trustworthy handyman in Singapore.

  1. Perform thorough research

When you want to hire a handyman, you must perform thorough research. There are numerous sources out there that can provide you with useful information regarding the handyman you want to hire. When doing research, some of the essential things you need to look out for include reviews, testimonials and portfolios of their most recent work, HDB license numbers, and the average service price in the neighborhood.

  1. Interview the potential candidates

Avoid hiring a handyman over the phone since this can let your job fall into the wrong hands. For larger scale interior design projects such as paintwork, get the handyman to come on site for a quotation. A reliable and trustworthy handyman must come to your place, check out the project, give his quote, and prove that he is perfect for the job. When interviewing your potential candidate, some of the questions you need to ask them include how many years they have been in the industry, their experience regarding the project, if they are licensed, and if they have pictures of similar project. Getting answers to these questions will help you determine if the potential candidate is fit for the job.

  1. Agree on the scope of work

This is crucial when hiring a handyman. Before the handyman starts the work, you must agree on the scope of work. If you fail to do this, your project may prolong and become an expensive endeavor. That’s why you must have an agreement. Before you sign the agreement, make sure that your entire project has been mapped out.

  1. Determine how you will make payment

The next thing now is to determine how you will make your payment. You shouldn’t pay for the whole project until it is complete. Some handymen will ask for a deposit before they start the project, that’s very fine. But the moment a handyman asks for the full payment upfront even before they start the project, that should be a warning sign.

You need to avoid such handyman and look for another one. A reliable and trustworthy handyman should not just focus on money alone; instead, he should also focus on delivering quality services.

  1. Verify license number and insurance

The last stage is to verify the handyman’s license number and insurance. Having a license shows that the handyman is duly trained and up-to-date with regulations regarding handyman services.  You should also ensure that the handyman is insured. That will protect you and your property should anything happen to you or your property.