While many homes have garages, there’s a well-earned stereotype that they’re filled to the brim with boxes and junk instead of being used efficiently. Garages are technically meant to be homes for your cars, but so often they simply turn into extra storage that all too quickly turn into impassable hazards! If your garage is one of these disastrous mazes, or if you’re just ready to enhance it to use it in the best possible way, keep these tips in mind.

Redo Your Flooring

One of the most commonly underappreciated aspects of a garage is its floor. Garage floors can take a beating, and are usually just made of concrete. If you’ve decided to make some renovations to your garage, why not start from the bottom? There are countless companies that can help you with garage flooring Chicago, or you can do it yourself by resealing the concrete or installing garage floor tiles that can help. There are plenty of options available to you, with a wide range of costs and longevity, so you’re sure to find the perfect way to redo your floor!

Determine Your Vision

Once you have made the decision to renovate your garage, cleaned it out so you have a nice bank slate, and refinished the garage floor, it’s time to give your garage some major thought. Do you want to use the space for your cars? Or would you like it to become your workshop for whatever hobby you may have? Determining exactly how you want to utilize your space will help you figure out how to best organize it.

Install Quality Shelving

As with any room in your home, proper storage and layout is key to improving efficiency, aesthetics, and utility. Just like how placing your books on a bookshelf is better than having them strewn throughout the house, installing quality shelving in your garage can help organize everything and provide a less stressful environment. A visit to your local home improvement store can help you get a good feel for what kinds of shelving is available. Make sure you keep in mind what types of things you’re going to be putting away; you might need a pegboard to hang tools on the wall, or bike racks for your bikes, or even sturdy shelves to hold giant storage boxes of hobby supplies or holiday decorations. A fresh new floor, vision for utility, and quality shelving can go a long way in enhancing your garage!