Wooden furniture offers unrivaled structural integrity, and this is one of the top qualities that increasingly make it highly sought after. Buyers prefer to have outdoor and indoor furniture made of wood that is pleasing to the eye and creates a comfortable environment.

There are some good reasons why people are excited about hardwood furniture. In this article, we explore the benefits of using wooden furniture and why you should choose solid wood furniture for your home!

  1. A Magnificent Natural Look

Wood has a pattern of natural contours and textures. Tastefully created on its own, wood has an extraordinary and magnificent artistic charm. This explains why a simple finish on the woodwork is sufficient to show its beauty, and that is lovely. Well wood is a great companion to whichever your style.

  1. Durability And Strength:

Wood is naturally strong, so its durability will be reliable even at higher temperatures. This means that it is not necessary to replace them with new furniture very quickly. Unlike plastic or metallic materials, wood can have multiple lifespans through refinishing.

  1. Wood is Easy To Maintain

Wood is such superb material that makes it a pleasant benefit to the owners. You can place your wooden furniture outdoors facing the elements. Woods such as cedar deter termites and fungi will not harm them at all. It can last a lifetime with just minimal care.

  1. Wooden Furniture is Easy To Clean

To clean wooden furniture is rather straightforward, without the need to use much effort or chemicals. Just a feather duster or a simple cloth, soap and water will be enough. For stains, you may need a slightly more effective cleaning product, but it will still be easy. You will not need to waste all your energy for the dirt to disappear from the surface.

  1. Resist Time Changes

For all seasons, wooden furniture will be more than enough. If you have outdoor wooden furniture, there is nothing to worry about. This furniture adapts perfectly to changes in temperature, rain or wind, etc and is designed to last a lifetime. It looks even better as it ages.

  1. They Are Exceptional To Get An Original Decoration

Wood has an authentic and retro character, which will make any visitor who enters your home pay attention to your stunning wooden furniture. They are the hallmark of distinction and add originality to a home, giving a rustic touch to that house.

How to Distinguish Real and Fake Wood Products?

  • The Look

In general, real wood furniture rarely has perfect textures, and most of them have unique differences, while “pseudo-solid wood” furniture has a clear texture and a flawless appearance. Consumers can observe the appearance of wooden furniture and the relative position of the rear end of the wood slab, respectively. If the texture and the knot correspond well, then it is pure solid wood.

  • The Smell

Most solid wood have the natural aroma of trees, such as cedar wood, rosin, pine, eucalyptus whereas some artificial slabs have a more pungent penetrating odor, such as formaldehyde. In particular, some closed cabinets, such as drawers are easier to distinguish that smell.

  • Sound

At the time of purchase, you can also identify wood by the sound it makes when knocked on. Solid wooden furniture emits a sharper tone, while engineered wood products have a lower tone.

This article has looked into the details for those who seek to understand more about wooden furniture. We hope you’ll now be able to also distinguish between genuine and fake wood products. For more information on wood products, you can check out https://woodcapitol.com/.