Working from home is now the norm. As the pandemic continues to hit more communities, people have no choice but to stay home. The good thing is that if you can continue working from home, your job isn’t in danger. The least you can do is to work hard and submit the assigned tasks on time. It’s even better if you can transform your house into a working space. It makes you feel like you still work in an office even if you don’t.

One of the important things to have when you work from home is a quality chair. You might stay on your seat for hours each day, and it needs to give you the comfort you deserve. These are some tips to help you select the perfect chair for your home office.

Adjustable height

When typing on your computer, your arms need to be at the same level as the table. It prevents you from looking up or slouching. Therefore, an adjustable chair helps. It allows you to change the height until you feel comfortable. A chair with a height ranging from 16-21 inches is ideal. It will enable you to keep your feet flat on the floor, which is also crucial.

Width of the chair 

Just like height, width also matters. You want to rest well and have your back on the backrest whenever you feel tired. It also prevents you from slouching while using your computer. The standard width is 17-20 inches. You can also move your position a bit depending on your level of comfort. If the chair is too narrow, you will have a hard time.

Lumbar support 

Your lower back will hurt the most if you stay in your chair for hours each day. The lumbar spine tends to have an inward curve, and it deserves to have support. A chair with a lumbar adjustment is perfect in this regard. You will receive the proper fit that works best for you.

Adjustable backrest

Your backrest is just as important as the seat. It needs to be 12-19 inches wide. If possible, it has to be separate from the seat to adjust the angle easily. However, even if it isn’t, you should find one that can at least move forward and backwards. You need the perfect angle that makes prolonged sitting comfortable for you.

Seat material also matters

You should check the seat material to ensure comfort. There should be a cushion or padding to let you sit for extended hours without a problem. The chair should also use cloth fabric as the material. It’s breathable and more people prefer it than a harder material.

Swivel is necessary

Find a chair that easily rotates. It’s more comfortable to use and prevents straining. It also helps when you start to feel stressed out. You can take a break and swivel from side to side before getting back to work.

Find the best modern chairs with all these qualities so you can work comfortably from home. You don’t need to worry about several hours of work at a time since your chair offers back protection.