Are you planning to renovate your kitchen, do you want to purchase a new countertop and are you wondering what type of stone would be best suited to your lifestyle? This article will help you make an informed choice of your next kitchen or bathroom countertops between quartz, granite and marble. When shopping for a new counter, many people wonder about the differences between natural stone and quartz.

Reasons to choose quartz counter

Now let’s move on to quartz which is an engineered stone composed of 93% natural Quartz dust. Quartz is extremely resistant to impacts and stains and offers over a hundred different colors and patterns. Some brands may be less resistant than others. Be vigilant during the buying process. Quartz countertops do not require sealants. However, you must use trivets to protect against the heat. If you like uniformity and want a clean, modern kitchen in pale tones, quartz offers a very wide variety of white and pale gray tones with or without variation to help you have an immaculate kitchen.

Another of its many advantages, since this material is not porous, no sealant is necessary (except quartz with a rougher finish). For daily cleaning, it is important to clean with water-based products or simply with water and mild hand soap.

Choosing your kitchen counter: a question of heart or reason

In closing, it can be hoped that this article has helped you make the best decision for the purchase of your future counter. The important thing is to choose with your heart and to take the material that inspires you the most and which is in harmony with your lifestyle.

In short, if you are looking for a noble and timeless Stone Countertops, the marble countertop is for you as long as you are ready to accept its sensitivity to acids. If you are looking for a unique and heat resistant countertop, go for the granite countertop. If you are looking for a more sanitized, more homogeneous look, choose a calacattavenice quartz countertop.