Dual functioning furniture helps in optimizing space in a small café. With the help of the latest small space designs, you will be able to most use of the tiny space in the eating joint. Small café areas seem difficult to layout. Also, it becomes difficult to decorate the area. But you have to know about the small decorating tricks that would help to make the most use of every corner of the café. The number of mobile cafes is increasing, and therefore, it is becoming difficult as they have to go through detailed planning to utilise space effectively.

When choosing furniture including tables and cafe chairs, make sure that you do not clutter the place. Try to make use of the place in such a way that it helps to improve your sales as well. Therefore, by making the small space an attractive one, you have to place the right furniture in the right place.    

Try to add a window seat

This is one of the attractive things that most of the customers look for when they visit any café. Nothing can be better than getting a window seat and enjoying the cocktail of your choice. You will find that there are certain places in the café which are not suitable for seating purpose. But it should be known that every corner of a café can be extremely beneficial. Instead of placing big cafe chairs, you can place an attractive bench along the edge of the window. This would give the provision of some extra seats in the small café. In addition, it would also add to the style and elegance of the cafe. However, in this way, you will be able to enhance business sales by retaining the attention of the target audience.

Use removable seats

Nothing can be better than using removable seats in a small café. Getting removable cafe chairs would help you optimize space and make more space. The removable ones are usually lightweight ones making it easy to carry. You can bring in the chair when the guests arrive. Depending on the requirement of the chair, you can arrange it in the café area. If there are enough chairs to manage the present number of guests in the café, there is no need to bring the removable ones.

Therefore, by properly placing the tables and chairs, you can give decent walkways for the customers and café staffs. This would also prevent you from creating a clumsy atmosphere. Remember that bar stools and chairs would take more space when they are in use. So, make sure that enough space is left in between chairs and bar stools to avoid customers and café staffs bumping into one other.

Arrange for a smaller kitchen

Though the kitchen is one of the important places in the café, do not make the mistake of setting up a big one. So, by making more space for the customers, you will be able to drive more business. Try to incorporate hanging racks, compact shelves so that you can properly organize kitchen utensils. In addition, it would also help you work efficiently and serve your customers promptly.

Wrapping it up 

So, try to position restaurant furniture properly to enhance the ambience of the place and optimize the seating capacity. When your business starts to expand, try to make space outside the café and add some chairs. Make sure that the furniture in the outdoor area is weather resistant one. Try to add more multi-purpose chairs that would help to add more.