When working in your garage over the winter, it is important to find a heater that can cope with the cold weather and heat your garage to a comfortable temperature. In order for it to operate in the garage, you may also need warmth for your equipment. There are plenty of heater options for garages, from electric heaters to natural gas heaters. Before you purchase any heaters it is important to ensure that your garage door closes fully and if not that you contact a Garage Door Repair company such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-repairs/ to fix this, as you will be losing heat out of the door area.  Read on to explore our suggestions for heaters.
Electric Heaters

Electric heaters offer convenience for small garages and outbuildings. They are highly portable, so easy to use. Look for a heater with thermostat control and safety features such as auto-shut-off. These electric heaters are great value and but not the most powerful and are usually quite expensive, although they are considered 100% efficient as they convert all their electricity into heat.

Propane Heaters

Another portable option, propane heaters can be moved wherever you need them. They are cost-effective and ideal for heating small spaces. They are similar to electric heaters but cheaper to run. However, some people might feel safer with electricity rather than gas, especially in a garage.

Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters are small furnaces which are installed wherever you need them. These are powerful and provide excellent heat output for any room. However, they are not portable, so unlike electric heaters, you have to keep them where you install them. These are ideal for a more permanent set-up where you need more intense warming power.

To ensure safety with heaters, make sure the objects you have in your garage are not close to the heater. If you have metal shelving it is important to keep these away from the heater. Also keep tools and other equipment a safe distance from the heater.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heaters use infra-red rays to heat the objects around them. Radiant heaters are more expensive that other types of heaters, but they do tend to run on natural gas so they will need to be installed. This means they are not portable.

The main question when considering a heater for your garage is whether you need it to be portable or not. If you do, electric or propane are ideal, with propane being cheaper than electric. However, if power is more important than portability, you should opt for natural gas or radiant heat.