Decorating a dorm room is not easy. You will most probably end up clueless on what to do. If you need help, read this post and learn from the tips we’ll share. You don’t need to be a design expert to decorate your room!

  1. Spending Ttoo Much

Even on a low budget, there is a way to decorate your room. You just need to be creative. If you are looking for cheap personalized décor with a price that does not hurt the wallet, check out Whether it is canvas prints, wooden plaques, or personalized pillow covers, they have a wide selection of affordable decorative pieces for your dorm.

  1. Being Generic

Picture frames and wall art are some of the most popular graduation gift ideas. Yes, they are great and practical. However, in some instances, they look too generic. It will be good if you can personalize your décor instead. This way, your space will be one-of-a-kind. You can make your own picture frames or paint your own wall.

  1. Following the Trend

In decorating your dorm, you should never rely on trends. They come and go. Next year, there will be a different trend, and this will make your room look outdated. As a result, you will feel the pressure to redecorate, which means that it will be an added cost. Go for timeless designs. They will never go out of style.

  1. Choosing a Dark Color

Color directly affects your mood, so avoid painting your dorm with dark hues. The problem with dark paint is that it shrinks a small space, which makes the dorm room look more cramped. It makes the room feel like a cave. Dark colors also evoke sadness. Plus, it heats up quickly, which will make the room uncomfortable.

  1. Overdoing the Décor

Do not over-do the décor in your dorm room. This will only add to the clutter and will make the place unrelaxing. It is best to go minimal in your dorm room. Being low-key in your décor frees up a lot of space, which will make a small room look bigger. Do this by choosing a neutral color palette and getting rid of unnecessary décor.

  1. Not Talking to Your Roommate

In most cases, you will have a roommate in your dorm. Avoid decorating the room without permission from the other people in the room. Remember, it is a shared living space. You need to have the consent of your roommate if you plan to do any major upgrade to decorate the dorm.

  1. Performing a Major Renovation

Avoid performing major renovation to not get in trouble with the management of the dorm. In most cases, tenants are not allowed to conduct huge renovation projects in dorms. Plus, you won’t be living there forever, so it is just a waste of money if you do anything big to renovate the place.

Do not commit any of the mistakes above when decorating your dorm. Whether it is following design trends or spending too much, avoid these pitfalls to come up with a well-designed space you are sure to love.