If you are looking to create a stylish bathroom in your home, there are plenty of ways to do so within the budget you have.

Whether you want to create a minimalist shower room with simple statement pieces or a lavish washroom with all the trimmings, you can find some style tips and ideas here.

Planning Ahead

If you are carrying out a remodel or performing a makeover, planning ahead can save you time and money in the long run. The most important elements when designing a bathroom are of course the wiring and plumbing. Make sure to resolve any issues before installing and decorating.

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1. Create the Illusion of Space

Using mirrors or high-gloss surfaces bounces the light around and can make the traditionally smallest room in the house seem much larger. Whether you choose oversized mirrors or black polished tiles, making the most of available light is paramount to style and design.

2. Use Textures

Indulge in different textures to soften hard edges and form an interesting contrast that is pleasing to the eye. Opulent fabrics and luxurious towel bales radiate style.

3. Introduce Furniture

Bringing a living room aspect to your bathroom promotes well being, according to the Telegraph. Create a sanctuary to escape the daily stresses by displaying an armchair or chaise lounge in which to relax on at the end of a busy day.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Add a splash of greenery to embrace nature and bring elements of the outdoors in. Arranging plants in the bathroom will look beautiful and bring peace and serenity. Display beside a gold mirror for ultimate style chic.

5. Experiment with Accessories

This is where your personality can really shine through with a complementary collection of adornments. Choose simple understated pieces for minimal design or try a large bright statement for the wow factor.

Whether you are looking for clean crisp lines or a room bursting with charisma, these top five tips should help to achieve it.