A heavy digger is a helpful tool that is used for moving earth, excavating, digging, grading, demolition and landscaping. Examples of heavy digger models are the different types of backhoes and excavators, and these are vital pieces of equipment at all building sites. Nonetheless, the machinery is fairly costly, and the majority of contractors choose to rent rather than buy them. Even after renting though, the running cost of operating a heavy digger is still significant. Here’s some good ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger:

1) Shop Around When Looking for a Hire Company

The ideal way to reduce expenses is to choose a heavy digger rental company with affordable fees. While different companies offer identical heavy diggers, the rates they charge for them differ. Some are less expensive to rent than others. Spend some time comparing several companies, prior to deciding on one. While you do this, take the following things into account to make sure you receive the best deal:

• Opt for a company that offers flexible arrangements.

• Opt for a company that has different kinds of machinery. If you require a bulldozer and excavator, obtaining them from a single company will be cheaper than hiring two separate equipment providers.

• Check that your deal includes machine attachments. Getting attachments like buckets, augers, grading blades and grapples will spare you from searching for these fixtures after the rental. You have to pay more if you rent them from somewhere else.

Once you have compared your providers against these variables, request some quotations and choose the one that satisfies all your requirements at an affordable price.

2) Obtain a Serviced Machine

Picture renting a heavy digger that winds up malfunctioning halfway through your project. You will have to fix it, which will result in significant extra expenses on top of the rental price. Prevent this by renting a serviced machine. Prior to obtaining the digger, the rental company ought to examine, service and fix any problems with it. You need to be on hand while the inspection takes place, to check that every part is functioning properly.

Look closely at areas like the undercarriage, hydraulic system, attachment system, controls and electrical system. Make sure that every fluid has been topped up. After the machine is fixed and serviced, you will circumvent repair costs that are not completely your fault.

3) Choose a Package With an Operator Included

An operator might appear to be an avoidable expense, however it will save you cash over the long term. Certain rental companies offer you packages where you can hire machines with operators for an extra fee, like £250. Make the most of these packages, because they will lower the hire cost over the long term.

A skilled operator can complete the job far quicker than you could have done, particularly if you have never used a digger before. Also, expert operators avoid errors that arise from inexperience and save you considerable time. In the unlikely event that the operator you hire damages the machinery, you do not have to pay for the damage — the machine rental company will cover this cost.

Closing Summary

Plant rental is a crucial service for all building and earthmoving tasks. Take heed of the above advice, before renting a digger. Get in touch with FGS Plant, your local kent plant hire company if you need to hire equipment. We have flexible deals to fulfill the needs of all contractors. Our fees are affordable, and we provide free quotations upon request. Speak to us immediately, and allow us to address all your machine rental requirements.