Before the concept of wall-to-wall carpeting, home and apartment residents relied on area rugs to cover their floors. They did this not only for decorative purposes but also to keep the heat in during the coldest days.

Today, we seem to have completed the circle. After decades where living spaces were covered in pre-installed carpet, natural flooring has made a comeback. Because of this,  the amount of traditional rugs for sale has increased. Add eCommerce to the mix, and it can be hard for a home or apartment dweller to determine what the best area rug is for their home.

Here are a few items to consider as you make a decision.


Not every room is the same, nor are the rugs. Thus, you need to determine the style of the room before choosing the carpet. Will it be casual, formal, classical, or something entirely different?

When you do find out, many companies now have tools to fine-tune the selection. For example, Roth Rugs has a Rug Finder where users can define the style, color, and size. This produces a selection of traditional rugs for sale which fit their needs.


Yes, you can purchase an area rug which encompasses the entire square footage of a room. However, if the area is small enough, it may not look right. Or, it could be smaller than you thought. Prior to searching for traditional rugs for sale, it’s recommended the area be measured twice. This will provide an accurate square footage to use as a guide.


Is the area rug going to be used for decorative purposes? Or, is it needed to keep your feet warm as your cross into different rooms? The style and thickness of the rugare determined by your answer.

If for decoration, you can select a thinner rug. If your goal is to keep your feet warm on cold mornings, look for rugs made from wool and heavier materials. Whatever you choose, make sure you also purchase a non-slip pad of the same size so the rug stays in the same position at all times.


If there’s a lot of foot traffic in your residence, especially that of children and pets, then you need to add another factor in selection. You need to look at traditional rugs for sale which have tested durability.

Those feet may be dirty. Or, they may help carry something which can spill. Therefore, the rug should be easy to clean with either a vacuum or soap & water. In addition, determine if can handle a layer of Scotchguard or another spray protector.

Now, go forth and buy your rug!