Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting yet challenging house upgrade project. The moment you determine yourself to get some quotes for the kitchen renovation is when the challenge begins. What style would you want for your kitchen? Is that style affordable?

For your decisions, you can get help from a kitchen designer, but you don’t want to completely rely on a single school of thoughts or a single quote. A much better way to get an accurate and fair quote and have the best renovation for the money you spend is to be enlightened as possible before finalizing your quote.

Best Materials and their Price

Double kitchens with the same number of cabinets can put a dramatic difference in the costs. A simple L shaped kitchen that has a center island, when renovated in the same way, can cost a little amount of $5000. But when the same kitchen is renovated with the use of different materials can raise the cost to $15000 or more.

The huge difference in the price is in terms of the surface material. The variety of estimated kitchen benchtop costs given will help you have an idea of how to make a choice of materials and how that material will affect your entire cost in kitchen renovation.

  • The least expensive ones are the Laminate benchtops. The Designer laminates and the edge coverage might cost a bit more, and that too will give your whole price a difference.
  • A 10 – 15% increased costs than the laminate is Timber, which depends on the type and the use of finish.
  • Granite costs are not much different from quartz or engineered stone. However, higher-end granites are considerably more. Depending on the edge treatment and the type of granite picked will make the costs to rise.
  • Stainless steel is of 10 times greater to the cost of laminate, which is why it tops the list.

The cost variations work the same way while you choose the drawer fronts, panels, and doors to be used in the renovation. The cheapest material you will find is the Melamine, while the most expensive surface finish is the gloss polyurethane.

You must select the material you prefer before getting your Kitchen renovation quote so that you can have the quote on the bases of the chosen material, the best way of comparing apples to apples. Nonetheless, to make a good value for the money you are spending, take a look at the other parts of your kitchen, which are not visible on the exterior, and keep the given figures in mind while you are getting a quote for your kitchen.

  • The quality of your door hinges and the drawer runners has a great impact on the caliber of your kitchen.
  • Cheaper drawers are made or thin bottom panels that tend to bow and pop out while dealing with a heavy load.
  • The cabinets stabled together are of lower quality while glued, and dowelled cabinets hold better quality. Screws used in the construction of cabinets are considered mid-ranged cabinets.