Sometimes, we become a little worried if we have a small house, as we get worried about making the most of a small space. The kitchen is the most crucial space of the home, and a little kitchen means we have to be even more inventive with our kitchen ideas. However, there are many simple kitchen design ideas for a small house. A small kitchen design also means less money spent on cabinetry.

The ten simple kitchen design ideas for a small house are as follows:

  • Go for simple black and white.

The quintessential black and white have an aesthetic appeal to them, and you can keep the kitchen design simple with the black cabinetry below and a white backsplash above. This monochromatic look is visually appealing and gives a new look to your house!

  • Combine woods and whites.

If you want to give an earthy feel to your kitchen, you can opt for wood flooring and classic white cabinetry, which will create a calm and clutter-free impression.

  • a rustic theme.

If you want something off-beat, you can try incorporating a rustic theme in your house. The stone walls and the exposed beams create a rustic foundation. Many people also opt for a trestle table as a stark contrast to the galvanised metal.

  • Add a fun light feature.

Any form of light rejuvenates any space in your home, and it also creates a distinct zone and an eye-catching feature. You can also experiment with the lights of your choice! This simple kitchen design goes a long way and will always be in style for years to come!

  • Japandi designs.

A Japanese kitchen design is a simple kitchen design that is minimalist but welcoming, and it is commonly used in small kitchen space designs.It creates a calming fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

  • Open shelving.

Instead of upper cabinets, you can use open shelves, which give you an airy feel. Open shelves have ample spacing capacity, and one can keep kitchen appliances on these open shelves.

  • Several hooks should be hung.

You can make use of the walls to hang plenty of storage hooks. These hooks are used to hang mugs and other kitchen appliances. If your space is cluttered, hanging hooks are the best way to make it functional and clutter-free!

  • Create depth with textured walls.

If you are a little tight on space in your kitchen, you should let the walls do the talking. Textured walls project warmth. You can also opt for open shelves against these walls. It gives a rustic feel to your small kitchen and distracts the visitor from the lack of space.

  • Rethink kitchen furniture.

The correct placement of furniture is important if you have a small kitchen. It is essential to opt for a narrow and small kitchen table. You can also combine standard dining chairs to save space.

  • Choose alternative storage solutions for your kitchen.

You can opt for shelving units, which can minimise the floor space without compromising on the storage levels.

These are some simple kitchen design ideas.