Under the best of circumstances, moving can be stressful. Not only are there a million details to arrange, but there are also the emotional elements to deal with, such as leaving a place of safety and security and leaping into the great unknown. Even when you are moving up in the world or moving to a better place, humans are There are, however, a number of ways to make moving less stressful. Here are 3 great tips to help you make your next move a smooth transition.

Plan early 

The sooner you start planning for a move, the smoother it is likely to go. Even a year out is not too soon to start planning. If you have kids, you will especially want to get started that early because you will want to research schools for them and many schools have waiting lists. You’ll want to research movers and get some estimates and start budgeting for expenses. Of course there are always times when you don’t have a year – or much time at all – to plan for a move, so thankfully there are companies that help last minute movers north fort myers fl to help you out.


While it may take you more time in the beginning, an organized and efficient move will go much more smoothly. Here are some tips for an organized and efficient move:

  • Before you pack anything else, pack a suitcase with everything you will need for a few nights and put it in your car or separate from everything else. Then, no matter what else gets packed or what else happens on the move, you will know you have everything you need for a few days at least.
  • Color code boxes with colored tape. Even if you hire movers, they can group boxes together by room. Any boxes that are in the wrong room will stand out immediately.
  • Inventory every box. While it may take longer up front, it will save you a tremendous amount of time when you are unpacking.
  • Pack things you will need first in clear plastic bins. This will make them easiest to find immediately.
  • Use clothing and linens as packing materials. You have to move them anyway, not only will this cut down on waste, but it will also give you less to move. Instead of a box of sheets and a box of dishes wrapped in newspaper, you can move one box of dishes wrapped in sheets.


The less you have to move, the less stressful – and less expensive – moving will be. Just remember that every single thing you move costs you something in time, energy and labor. The more you take with you, the bigger the truck you will need, the more gas it will use and the more labor you will need to pack and move everything. Not to mention, everything you pack has to also be unpacked. The less you take with you, the less stress you will create for yourself as well.