Scorpions are one of the most mysterious and legendary insects. The mention of them is found in ancient books and oriental tales, and their images adorn the walls of the Egyptian pyramids. These arthropods are sometimes mistakenly referred to as animals. In fact, the scorpion is a 100% representative of the arachnids or arachnid species (Arachnida). Scorpions in the world there are about 1750 species. And they are all concentrated in countries with hot or warm climates. If you find them around, then the Scorpion Removal service is the best option for you.

Perfect Fear of Insects

Fear of insects is so great that people, seeing them, try to immediately depart for a respectful distance. However, in fact, only 50 species are dangerous for humans. However, this amount is enough to beware of the bite of any scorpion. General description The size of an adult insect can range from small to quite threatening. Small scorpions reach a length of 1.3 centimeters, and large representatives of this squad grow to 20 centimeters.

The Best Form

Modern forms of scorpions, living on land, were encountered even in the Carboniferous period. The insect can be called one of the oldest on the planet. Adult imago has a small head, smoothly passing into the thoracic segment and an elongated abdomen consisting of two sections – anterior, adjacent to the chest and a posterior, narrower, called tail.

  • At the end of this peculiar tail is a segment, equipped with a needle made of chitin. In the holes of the needle, the ducts of the poison glands come out. The whole body of the insect is covered with a dense chitinous shell, divided into separate segments or shields. The largest of the scutes covers the thoracic region and the head from the side of the back. The abdomen in its broad part is covered with seven scutes, protecting both the upper and lower parts of the body. The narrow side of the abdomen has five chitin rings, connected by a thin skin. Four pairs of extremities are fastened to the thoracic region, the first of which has claws serving as insects to the insects.
  • On the head there are eight eyes – insects are distinguished by good eyesight. Reproduction and nutrition Scorpions belong to the dioecious and viviparous insects. And the appearance and even the size of the female are difficult to distinguish from the male.

A total of 5 to 20 small scorpions are born. Females show special care for the offspring – they carry young animals on themselves. But there are cases when, with a lack of food, the female ate one or two cubs from the brood. Insects are mostly nocturnal. In the afternoon they hide from the sunlight and the heat in the crevices between the stones or in the sand holes. And at night they are selected to the surface and quickly move in search of prey.

The end of the abdomen with a poisonous needle, when moved, is bent upward and forward. Relating to predators, scorpions devour other insects. The main diet is spiders, centipedes and small reptiles. Insects also attack rodent babies. Deprived of food, adult scorpions are able to devour each other.