It is important to check your roof every so often. This roof maintenance tip can be used to repair anything from a major repair to something minor. These are some things to look out for before it gets too hot or humid.


Your roof’s first line of defense is the shingles. If any of them are missing or damaged, you might have a leak. It makes it easier to let water through the roof shingles if they lift. Your roof will be damaged by wind and water, as well as storms that can occur from time to time. It could have worn down the asphalt shingles, reducing their effectiveness.

Even though shingles may be damaged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t lift. Even if the shingles are damaged, they may still need to be replaced. You don’t have to replace all your roofs. Instead, you can fix a few shingles. This is an important step in roof maintenance. What are the steps to take?

Roof Flashing

Flashing on the roof is often rust-resistant and placed around chimneys, skylights, vents to create a barrier between the inside and outside. Monitoring the contact points on your roof with flashing is another way of ensuring they don’t start. Caulking can crack and swell in the summer heat. KCG Roofing can help you if you have problems with your caulking. This will allow you to fix the problem before it becomes more serious. Are you ready to fix this problem?

Drains and Gutters

It is important to keep your gutters and drains clear. An obstruction to your gutters or drains could cause water overflowing and lead to foundation erosion. This also makes it easy for pests and insects to build a home. It could also lead to shingles rotting and leaking inside your home, which can cause even more problems such as mold.

It is good to clean your gutters and drains in the summer. However, it is better to do it more often. There are many storms in Florida, which means that gutters and drains need to be cleaned more often. You should take special care if water is coming off your roof, and not down your drains. You should also check your gutters prior to a hurricane, as extra debris weight could cause them to collapse.

Contact a roofing company

KCG Roofing can help you if there is anything that needs to be fixed after an inspection of your roof. Our experts are able to help you with roof maintenance and repairs that will save you from frustrations and unexpected costs.

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